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WMP-c1978-80 (P1/4)

WMP-c1978-80 (P1/4)

The 'new' West Midlands Police Force Control Room at Bournville created around 1977/78 arising from the 1974 Local Government Reorganisation (LGR). Radio and command/control systems were installed and maintained by Home Office Directorate of Telecommunications.

Radio Callsign: Yankee Mike (M2YM).

The communications system comprised 5 VHF main channels, motorway fall-back control, abt 10 interforce and abt 33 UHF channels.

This room replaced three control rooms at Newton Street (M2YL-2 VHF channels covering Central West Midlands) in Birmingham city centre, Bank Street Brierley Hill (M2YM-2 VHF channels covering Western WM) and Little Park Street Coventry (M2YW-1 VHF channel covering Eastern WM; which had originally been part of Warwickshire & Coventry police prior to the LGR).

It is not clear whether the force at that time retained a number of FM duplex channels from the old 'Birmingham City' radio scheme. The force control room has since been closed down and converted to offices.

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Martin Swift