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Stacked Tiles

I don't recognise this room which is being used as a temporary store for this supply of vinyl tiles. Presumably, these were subsequently laid in the workshop areas.

From Ian Rhodes referring to when this building was used by the RAF pre-1970s:

"This picture shows insulators in the aerial switching bay which was basically a timber array where transmitters outlets could be directed to the appropriate aerials.  Quite a crude arrangement but it worked. The night crew slept in this area which would have made health and safety cringe as there were lots of bare copper wires"

From Mike Brain
"This was the old switching room between the HF transmitters and the aerials outside during the RAF times.  I'm not sure whether they just changed the twin feeders over with a pair of pliers or perhaps they use what was called 'Gough Switches'.  We tried to use them in Kenya but they just could not cope with 40Kw of HF and burst in to flames, they were made of very high quality varnished wood. Actually I do remember contacting Weyhill from RAF Stanbridge Circuit Control Section where I was in charge of one of the watches controlling the RAF communication circuits between the UK and all parts of the Empire.    The room of course became the air conditioned Standards Room containing the Julie equiment and frequency standards"

photograph found at Weyhill M.U. in 1991

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Stacked Tiles