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Welcome to DTELS.ORG
updated 13th December 2019

With Christmas fast approaching as I write this note I find myself reflecting on the past twelve months and what to look forward to in the coming decade. The DTELS London reunion in February and NTLPA AGM at Emley Moor in October was a fine opportunity to catchup with many friends and former colleagues.  Although sadly a fact of life it is also a period where we can reflect on those who are no longer with us but were part of our lives at work, in friendship or family and so remain in our thoughts.

Site Update
Please continue to send in any articles or memorabilia that relate to the Directorate.  Inevitably what exists that isn’t already on this web site by now is probably sparse, but do contact me if you unearth anything of interest.

... and Finally
As we approach the year 2020 I wish you good health, happiness and fortune. Please continue to visit this site, particularly the forum to view new postings and see updates on this home page.

Steven ColeKind Regards

Steven Cole


New Visitor to this Site?
May I extend a big welcome to those of you who may be visiting this web site for the first time. If you not already aware, this site is dedicated to recording some of the history of the Directorate of Telecommunications.

As a public sector department within the Home Office for England and Wales, the Directorate was responsible for providing wireless communication support to Emergency Service users in the two countries.

Its origins go back to World War II (circa 1939) and grew over the years to become a major service provider to a wider range of Public Safety central and local government services. In 1991 it changed its name to DTELS and three years later became a private sector company following a trade sale to National Transcommunications Limited (ntl).

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Ex-DTELS HQ For Sale or Let!
Taken prior to being opened in 1992 the HQ building at Ruddington, Nottinghamshire and closed less than two years later following the trade sale to NTL.

25 Years on the building is currently up for let or possible sale.

Rightmove Advert
Google Streetview

A number of photos appear on the rightmove site for those of you wanting to take a trip down memory lane....

DTELS 25th Anniversary Reunion
Photos from the DTELS 2019 Reunion


updated 30th December 2019

Click here for bereavement notices relating to former DTELS employees.  Latest notice posted 30th December 2019:

Mark De La Mare - WT Billinge
Pat Tomlinson - CWE HQ
Stuart Powell - WT Billinge
Alan Ward - SWT Kippax Depot
John Cicirko - WT Lincoln Detachment


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