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Marley Hill Reunions
27th March 2015
Photos taken at the Marley Hill re-union held at Framwellgate Moor on 27th March, 2015.  Those appearing in the photos include Davy Cockburn WT, Ron Suddes WT, George Ephgrave SWT, Brian Lamb SWT, Don Easton SWT, Bob Witherspoon WT, Harry Charlton WT and Ian Turnbull.  Others also in attendance but not pictured were Don Cameron WM, Fred Williamson RWE, John Crossfield CWT and the photographer, Dave Barras SWT.

Marley Hill Reunion 2015

15th April 2010
A Regional Reunion was held at the Newton Grange Public House In Durham on Tuesday March 30th 2010. There were 25 attendees and it was agreed that a similar function would be held next Year. (Sorry I didn't take any photos).

6th October 2009
A reunion was held at the Newton Grange Public House Durham on Wednesday 30th September 2009. It was agreed that a DTELS Marley Hill Regional Reunion, similar to last year, would be held at the end of March 2010

Marley Hill Reunion 2009

September 2009 Reunion
Left to Right:  George Ephgrave; Clive Dawson; Ron Suddes; Harry Charlton; Brian Lamb, Bob Witherspoon and David Cockburn

Acknowledgement: photos and copyright Ron Suddes (2009 Reunion) and Dave Barras (2015 Reunion)

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