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Directorate of Telecommunications
Shapwick Reunion 2015

This was an open invitation to all persons who at some point in their career had worked in Shapwick or Tavistock regions.  The reunion, organised by Liz Twose, was held at “The Harvest Moon Bar & Restaurant” in North Newton Somerset on Saturday 26th September 2015 and included spouses and partners.

Acknowledgement:  photos: Liz Twose and others

page updated: 25/07/20

P1/39:  Chris Mitchell

P2/39:  John Westcott

P3/39:  Andy Robilliard & Tim Tree

P4/39:  Liz Twose, Dave & Gill Beamont

P5/39:  Dave Beamont & Martin Chalker

P6/39:  Dave & Pam Woods

P7/39:  Andy Twose, Mike & Margaret Long

P8/39  Richard Sanders & Jon Burr

P9/39:  John Samuels

P10/39:  Ron Mead

P11/39:  Barbara Langhorne & Jenny Todman (Toddy)

P12/39:  Andy Twose

P13/39:  Liz Twose

P14/39:  Richard Sanders

P15/39:  Tony Hanson

P16/39:  Andy Robilliard

P17/39:  Dave & Mavis Humphreys

P18/39:  Tom Bowling

P19/39:  Liz Twose, John Westcott, Gill Beamont

P20/39:  Ron Mead

P21/39:  Tom Bowling, Di & Chris Mitchell, Tony Baker

P22/39:  Dave & Pam Woods, Tom Bowling

P23/39:  Tony Hanson, Dave Humphreys, Dave Beamont

P24/39:  Bob Bessant

P25/39:  Andy Twose, Mike Long

P26/39:  Dave Beamont, Jon Burr

P27/39:  Jenny Todman, Brenda Spring, Judith Harding

P28/39:  Liz Twose, Barbara Langhorne

P29/39:  Martin Chalker, Liz Twose, Ron Mead

P30/39:  Ron Mead, Barbara Langhorne, Jenny Todman, Brenda Spring

P31/39:  Andy Twose, Bob Bessant

P32/39:  Tony Hanson, Tom Bowling, Chris Mitchell, Mike Long

P33/39:  Mike Long, Mavis Humphreys, Margaret Long, Len Clark

P34/39:  Tim Tree, Sue Burr, Liz Twose

P35/39:  Martin Chalker

P36/39:  Chris Mitchell, Tony Hanson

P37/39:  Tony Baker, Dave & Pam Woods

P38/39:  Tom Bowling, John Samuels, Bob Bessant, Andy Robilliard

P39/39:  Liz Twose, Ron Mead

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