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Download a PDF copy of the article by Phil Archer

Qatar Regional
Sub-Depot (4.8 Mb)

Directorate of Telecommunications
Qatar Regional Sub-Depot (1973-1980?)

The following is an extract from the PDF containing the full article,  which can be downloaded by clicking on the icon in the menu bar:

What's a Regional Sub Depot?  Well a Sub Depot normally has a CWT in charge and a Region has an RWE and at Doha Police Headquarters in 1973 there was Richard Sanders a CWT from Harrow “acting” as RWE and in 1974 -75.   I went there from Stafford where I was SWT as an “acting” CWT. I was followed there by Gerry Moy from 1975 – 1977 who later turned up as CWT at Kippax where I was an SWT (I didn't stay long enough in Qatar to get the substantive CWT bonus)

Qatar became independent in 1971 and later in 1972 Qatar had a new Emir Khalifa in charge and he decide to invest the a large portion of the oil income into improving the countries infrastructure, a policy followed by the current Emir who took over in 1995.

However, back home in the UK things were beginning to get a bit grim with inflation, oil supplies and to add to the woes the miners were getting concerned about their livelihoods and were beginning industrial action. Just before I left in March 1974 we were down to three day weeks and the petrol coupons for my car had arrived. So the British government were more than ready to supply technical advisors, as well as the Home Office DTels the RAF Regiment (Fire Service) sent a Colonel Ken Shutt to organise the fire department, the army sent another Colonel to organise the military communications and the Navy sent a lieutenant (Colonel Ken reckoned his new fireboat had more fire power than the navies patrol vessels::!!)

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Webmaster Note
On behalf of Phil, does anyone know if this project was ever finished or if there is any pictures of the control room at the Doha Police fort?.

Phil Archer for article and photo source/copyright

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Picture supplied by Phil Archer
Picture supplied by Phil Archer
Picture supplied by Phil Archer

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