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Graham Dean

Photo: 1983
Graham Dene on-site in the Hannington region

Thames Valley Projects

Looking at Steve's site recently, I came across some very complimentary comments about the standard of engineering of Thames Valley Police post WARC.

Tom Evans was RWE at the start of planning and I was nominated as the Hannington WARC planning officer. Just around this time, Graham Dean arrived and took over as installation SWT, followed by Dave Rumens who became QA SWT.

Both these guy's will I am sure confirm I had hair before I went on a course to learn critical path analysis, shortly followed by a spell at Horseferry house with Brian Hill. Returning from my sessions with Brian I now had two blank green book's for each and every site in the region.

During this period Dave Rumens and his team were heavily involved with Hampshire Fire Service as this was to be our 1st to go live with quasi- synch. Dave made sure that this system was in 1st class order. By this time I had discovered some anomalies between rental sheets and what was actually on site, so poor old Dave was now lumbered with an inventory check on each site as well.

All our Communication Officers were deeply concerned about Quasi-Synchronous operation, so on go live day I took the Hampshire Fire Comms officer wherever he wanted to go in his patch, I had hoped to include the Police Comms officer on this trip (same sites) but he declined at the last moment. The brigade were convinced and a reference for others. This was a day in my life I will always remember for several reasons.

Graham Dean and his installation team were very involved at the time with the installation of the M25 scheme and new Control room at Godstone, together with other projects, so we decided that Dave as well as his phasing activities would also take on the preparation and installation of the high stab ovens. Thames Valley Police being next in line.

In the meantime I was still working away at green books and the master plan which was now on a roll of wallpaper, liaising of course with Derek Smith and Brian Hil, both of which I thank for taking onboard our comments and suggestions. Oh for a Pentium 4 and XP in those days!

A few months work and Thames Valley Police is up and running on both bands and we are ready to start the mobile change over plan. I once again invited the Comms staff at TVP to check out the scheme with me on the WARC bands, this time they declined and put several of their staff on the road at once, leaving Phil Toogood, now RWE and I waiting eagerly in the Control room and Comms office listening to the Traffic. Upon the return of each driver to Kidlington the pattern emerged, speech quality very good, coverage now better than before, we had even managed to get a signal in the notorious Goring gap. The mobile program then began in earnest.

Dave and Graham had done a great job. Thanks guy's for the loyalty and commitment. Thanks also to all Hannington staff a job well done.Acknowledgement: Gordon Wyatt

page updated: 22/07/19

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