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Snippets (circa 1970s)

I was sitting at my bench one day alongside Ray Guiver WT. Ray later left the Directorate to work in comms for the AA in Basingstoke. It was pay day and somebody was just going around handing out the pay slips.

Ray and I got ours, but suddenly Ray uttered some expletives and rushed to the telephone, all very unusual as Ray was a very quiet guy.

Everybody in the workshop heard Ray say pu pu pu put it in my  dddd deposit aaaaaccount p p p p lease. Ray did not stutter at all, but after the call, it soon came to light what had happened.

The bank manager explained to Ray that there had been a mistake in his pay. He went on to say that Ray's pay slip may well have said his pay was over 100,000 that month but if fact the transfer was indeed an error at around 300,000 and no way could he transfer a 1/3 of a million to Ray's account for even one day.

We did however go on to win a grand or so on the pools, something like 256 quid each.

My wife (Jean) used to do the pools on a regular basis. I was SWT at Moreton-in-Marsh detachment at the time. Jeans dad was very ill and she went to Cwmbran for a few days instructing me to hand her coupon to the collector.

Well, at Moreton College we used the Officers lounge and they had a very nice snooker table. I had a few pints and games and walked home, opposite the house was the football club so I had a couple more pints.

Yes I missed the pools collector....

The phone rang on Saturday evening Jean was over the moon, there were just 8 draws and we had them all!

Boy oh boy was I in the mire, we were living in sin then awaiting my divorce. I wonder how we made it.....

Acknowledgement: Gordon Wyatt

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