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Download Ruddington Booklet and Papers Circa 1992

 booklet and papers
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Directorate of Telecommunications
Ruddington BookletLOCATIONS (Headquarters, Ruddington)

In May 1991 following a period of assessment and debate, the decision was taken to move Headquarters from Horseferry House, London, to Ruddington Business Park on the outskirts of Nottingham.

A new building was erected adjacent to the park entrance, formally an ex-MOD site and staff transferred to the new location during September and October 1992.

Following the trade sale of DTELS to National Transcommunications Limited (NTL) on 1st March 1994, the building was deemed surplus to requirements by NTL and was formally closed on the 29th June 1994. The staff either having been made redundant, transferred to other NTL locations or in some cases, transferred back to Home Office posts.

The gallery on this page contains a small booklet circulated in March 1993, together with some papers originating on or around 1992 outlining .the reasons for the move and detailing address/access arrangements.

Related Information
Some of the information circulated to staff relating to the Ruddington move appeared in the Link Magazines.

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