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Download a PDF copy of the 1955 Working Party Report

 1955 WP Report
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Directorate of Telecommunications
Working Party Report Front CoverHISTORY; 1955 WORKING PARTY REPORT

In February 1954 a Working Party (WP) of 16 people was appointed to consider by what means, having regard to the efficiency and operational requirements of the service, police wireless can:

  1. be economically provided and maintained; and
  2. how any change which may be recommended by the WP may best be introduced; and
  3. to report

The report, which was published on the 28th June 1955, was addressed to The Rt. Hon Gwilym Lloyd-George, M.P, the then Secretary of State for the Home Department.

The primary objective of the WP appeared to be an assessment of the cost to the police forces in England and Wales of receiving a procurement (equipment hire) and maintenance service from the Directorate of Telecommunication as opposed to a similar service from commercial companies.

The three page conclusions (Page 22-24) provides an brief insight to the issues facing the Directorate in 1954-55.  The comparison with outside industry would have been a seen as a challenge to the continued existence of the organisation at the time.  On balance, the WP found in favour of continued Home Office support, but not without differing opinions voices by some WP members.

Following on from this report, the Directorate continued to grow in stature and breadth until it was finally succumbed to the inevitable and was privatised on the 1st March 1994.

Martin Swift for the report

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